The GFNY Monterrey route is full of fascinating sights and challenging roads.

There are two distances to choose from, the long distance of 137 kilometers or the medium distance of 100 kilometers. No matter the distance you choose, we promise that you will be mesmerized by the beautiful mountains and the incredible natural landscape that characterizes our route. GFNY Monterrey is the only cycling race with its goal on top of a mountain, finishing the 137 km at the top of Chipinque Park.

Long & Medium Course

LONG COURSE IS A COMPETITION: Only the finishers of the long course are eligible for category rankings and Overall and Podium awards. If you want to race and be ranked in your category, you must complete the long course. Top 10% of finishers in each age group earn a spot in the Qualifier Corral at every GFNY World event.

MEDIUM COURSE IS NOT A COMPETITION: The riders of the 50 miles medium course will be provided their start-to-finish time, but will not be ranked by finish time. All finish times will be listed in alphabetical order.

Course Map

Chipinque's elevation profile

Course elevation profile

The Start

Perks included as part of GFNY Monterrey