Getting Here


Monterrey international airport has over 206 daily flights to over 30 destination inside Mexico, the United States, and Central America. It’s considered the primary hub of northern Mexico. You will find daily direct flights in and out from many major airlines which are listed below. The Monterrey airport is conveniently located and a short ride to most hotels inside the city. For those who will be traveling from outside Mexico to Monterrey you will find the international arrivals terminal easy to navigate and get around. If your arriving from inside Mexico then you will be able to move quickly to pick up your luggage and find your transportation service. Below are just a few of the major airlines that offer direct flights to Monterrey from inside and outside the country with their contact information and website.

Airport to hotel transportation

There are many options for transportation to and from the Monterrey airport including taxi service, car rentals, hotel shuttles and private limousine services. Whichever service you choose you can feel confident in the quality and professional service offered.

Taxi Service: Inside the Monterrey airport you’ll find taxi booths near the exit of the airport offering transportation to any destination inside the Monterrey area for a reasonable price. All you need to do is go to anyone of these booths and purchase a ticket which you will then show at the taxi line in order to receive your taxi.

Hotel Shuttle: Another easy option is to see if your hotel offers airport shuttle service and let them know your travel plans for easy pick up from the airport. The hotel will let you know the pick up location.

Car Rental: There are many different car rental companies inside and around the Monterrey airport area. Please visit any of the famous car rental companies for more information.

Limo Service: Just like in any big city you will be able to reserve your own private sedan or limo service to come and pick you up directly from the airport. There are many choices to choose from and we will recommend a few once we have reviewed the ones with the best service for you and your bicycle.